Journey to the Sea

an online magazine devoted to the study of myth

Issue 2

The Rebellion of Satan in Milton’s Paradise Lost

Randy provides a historical survey of the literary criticism to Paradise Lost, showing how interpretations of the poem have fluctuated between the two contrary themes he introduced in a previous article.

Magic in the World of Alvin Maker: Red Prophet  »

Laura continues her series on the “ecology of magic” used by storytellers, looking at the balance and harmony of the “greensong” sung by the American land in Orson Scott Card’s Red Prophet, the second volume of his Alvin Maker series.

Journey to the Sea: The Name  »

Randy explains the origins and the meaning of the name of this site. It first occurred to him while reflecting on Tolkien’s “Silmarillion” mythology, and his affinity for it grew as he reflected on the rich mythic meanings of the nouns journey and sea.