Journey to the Sea

an online magazine devoted to the study of myth

Issue 14

Katyń: History, Lies, Fiction and Myth

Laura looks at the 2007 film Katyń, exploring how director Andrzej Wajda wove Greek myth and his own biography into the fictional character of Agnieszka to give a true account of the tragic 1940 massacre in Poland.

Welsh Mythological Underpinnings of Lloyd Alexander’s Prydain Cycle  »

Jason considers Lloyd Alexander’s careful borrowing of material from Welsh mythology (especially stories from the Mabinogion) to create a compelling backdrop against which to tell his own stories.

Imagination in Where The Wild Things Are  »

Randy examines some subtle details in the illustrations of one of his childhood favorites to see what Maurice Sendak’s classic picture book has to say about the transforming power of imagination.