Journey to the Sea

an online magazine devoted to the study of myth

About Us

Journey to the Sea is an online magazine devoted to the study of myth. This includes mythic narratives found in ancient mythology, religious texts, fantasy and science-fiction literature, and many other sources. We are particularly interested comparative mythology and the role of modern myth in our everyday lives. The magazine has been published monthly since July 2008. The magazine is edited by Randy Hoyt, and the articles are written by a number of other contributors.

To get started with the site, we recommend these two introductory articles:

  • Myth: A Definition – Issue 1 – The English word myth has many connotations, and Randy describes what we mean by myth throughout this site.
  • Journey to the Sea: The Name – Issue 2 – Randy explains the origins and the meaning of the name of this site.

From there, we would recommend continuing to the All Topics page and browsing through the articles in topics that particularly interest you. You could instead navigate the articles by issue or by author: view all issues, view all authors. Be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed to get notified of new issues.