Journey to the Sea

an online magazine devoted to the study of myth

Issue 8

Shiva, Lord of the Dance

Statues depicting Shiva as Nataraja, “Lord of the Dance,” portray a sense of balance, motion, and sheer beauty to all who view them. Laura explores the ways they express narratives to those who can read the symbols and allusions.

Northern Mythological Traditions in The Weirdstone of Brisingamen  »

Jason looks at how Alan Garner, a lesser-known fantasy author, incorporates northern mythological and folkloric elements into an fantasy adventure set in his home county of Cheshire.

Batman: Dark Knight, Dark Myth  »

Dave looks at the depictions of Batman in the works of Frank Miller and Alan Miller from the 1980s. These two have been instrumental in the development of the dark and morally ambiguous tone associated with Batman today.